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Co-op Ag Equipment Auger Demo


Investing in large farm equipment, like augers, requires thorough consideration and hands-on trials. But because of the size and nature of such machinery, it isn’t always feasible to borrow one from a neighboring farm. The Co-op Equip Team is committed to finding the right solution for every producer and will bring augers to your farm as part of their demo program.

Taking Advantage of Demos

Equip Team members are highly knowledgeable about various types of equipment used on Western Canadian farms. They strive to understand you farm’s needs to make the best possible recommendation.

The Auger Demo Program is a unique opportunity to see an auger in action on your farm without any commitment to purchase. An Equip Team member brings the machinery to the specified location and provides detailed product information – including safety measure, features and benefits – specific to your individual operational needs.

During the demonstration, the farmer also receives hands-on training for auger operation. According to South Country C-op Equipment Advisor Pavel Madacky, this step is essential because of every farm’s particular terrain configuration and bin positioning.

The Equip Team coordinates with major manufacturers like Meridian, AGI Westfield, AGI Batco and AGI Hutchinson. This helps farmers experience the latest and most advanced technologies in practice, instead of simply reading about them in a brochure.

The Benefits to Booking a Demo

Regardless of their make and model, augers are generally considered a substantial investment. According to Trevor Besplug, an Equipment Team Advisor at Federated Co-operatives Limited, the demo program lets Equip Team members offer hands-on equipment testing to assist their customers make an informed and, ultimately, beneficial decision.

Another great feature is the customized approach to every demonstration the Equip Team performs. The team closely communicates with farmers prior to and during the demo to ensure the machinery will offer the most value. This includes assessing the farm layout, examining previous grain moving practices, and the production volume.

During the hands-on trial run of the equipment, the Equip Team member provides detailed information about the machine’s technical specifications, benefits, safety precautions, and more. According to Madacky, demos are also a great time to answer real-time questions from farmers and give them a complete impression of the product all on the same day.

For experienced farmers, demos are also a way to compare their existing equipment with the newest additions to the market and decide whether the investment is worthwhile.

Unique Insights From the Equip Team

Madacky and Besplug agree that the demo program is beneficial for both growers and Co-op team members. Farmers get an opportunity to test the product in a familiar environment and ask questions as they arise. At the same time, Equip Team members share the benefits and features of the auger, from performance to capacity options, reassuring farmers they can get the job done.

Madacky feels that a hands-on demo increases confidence farmers have when making their purchase decision. The Auger Demo Program is a unique offering, helping farmers to address concerns and realize benefits before they buy.

According to Madacky, scheduling demos in winter, when producers have time to evaluate the equipment, allows for sufficient time to get to know each grower. During the auger demo visit, as farmers share details of their production, Equip Team members can also suggest other solutions, such as conveyors, or specific methods for moving grain into the bin for storage or into trucks for transport.

To learn more about the Co-op Auger Demo Program or to schedule your demo, contact us!

Source: www.agro.crs/equip


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