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Meridian 1605 DC on TW Cone with V-Air

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Meridian 1605 Double Corrugated Grain Bins are strong, durable and reliable for all your grain storage needs. There are a variety of features available and we have access to many options. Contact us for most readily available options at great price!

– Double skid
– LevAlert grain level indicator
– V-Air rocket aeration
– Premium rack-and-pinion slide gate with crank
– 27″ top opening
– Vented top lid – spring loaded and ground operated
– Min. 35 degree bottom cone and 30 degree roof cone
– Sidewall and roof ladder
– 24″ clearance under the slide gate

Model: 1605 DC
Bushels: 4,170
Diameter: 15′ 10″
Height: 35′ 2″
Minimum Auger: 59′ **

** Note the minimum auger requirement is based on flat, even and level ground for both auger and bin base/foundation **
*please check for current pricing – as pricing fluctuates*
Item # 3066461MTW


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