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Since first hitting the market in 2020, Co-op galvanized bins have been providing farmers with a practical and convenient way to store their harvest. For members of the Co-op Equip Team, Co-op bins are more than just functional equipment, but an asset on your farm that comes with added benefits.

The Benefit of Buying Co-op Bins

Wendell Reimer, Territory Sales Manager at Moose Jaw Co-op said that when buying a Co-op galvanized hopper bin package, customers get the same quality as a competitor bin in addition to the Equip Team’s expertise and various Co-op membership benefits.

The bins are configured with market-leading 4″ corrugation, G90 wall and G115 roof galvanization, 4,000 lb. roof load, and 116.5″ by 32″ unstiffened wall sheets. The sizes range from Model 1807, which accommodates 4,360 bushels, to Model 2709, which accommodates over 12,000 bushels.

Every bin package includes:

  • One-year manufacturer warranty
  • Remote roof cap opener
  • Grain gauge
  • Inspection hatch
  • Sidewall ladders
  • Roof ladder
  • Bin entry safety accessories
  • Standard hopper cone bolt pattern

Enjoy the Advantages

According to Reimer, Co-op branded bins sell out much faster than any competitor bins he has in stock. Their popularity is clear, as are the reasons why. Besides the bins being a highly functional and competitive product, there are several aspects that give them an advantage over the rest of the market.

  • Competitive pricing: Co-op bins are competitively priced compared to bins of similar specifications. This, along with the broad model selection, makes the bins a logical choice for both existing and new customers.
  • Membership benefits: “All purchases at Co-op come with membership benefits, and Co-op bins are no different,” said Reimer. ON top of getting equity benefits and cash back, members experience the pride and sense of community that comes from supporting their local Co-op.
  • Co-op branded: The Co-op shield represents qualities highly valued by farmers: trustworthiness, support and expertise.

“Experienced farmers want bins they can trust. I had a customer who needed 10 new bins, but we only had eight Co-op brand bins in stock. We had to source the other two, as the customer wanted to have all Co-op branded bins in his yard,” said Reimer.

Choosing the Right Bins for Your Farm

“Co-op offers a great variety in sizes and options when it comes to hopper bins. These bins answer the needs of any producer,” said Reimer. For him and his fellow Equip Team members, products bearing the Co-op shield translate into being a part of a company that cares about its image, its staff, its members and its community.

Reimer added that confidence in the product allows him to better understand and assist the customers, ultimately knowing they are making the right decision.

“These bins look awesome, set up in Co-op retail yards, but they belong in our member’s yards, where they can be used for what they were meant and inspire others to make a solid choice,” said Reimer.

To explore the options available from Co-op’s bin lineup, contact us.

Source: www.agro.crs/equip


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