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Auger Maintenance

Auger Maintenance Essentials

Proper auger maintenance ensures the machinery’s optimal performance and longevity. Co-op’s Equip and Fuel Teams provide growers with the knowledge, expertise and resources necessary or purchasing and maintaining augers for maximum efficiency.

Expert Tips for Prolonged Auger Life

“Auger use is directly tied to maintenance – the more you use the auger the more attention should be paid to the upkeep on it,” said Michael Jennett, Equipment Team Advisor at Federated Co-operatives Ltd. “A properly maintained auger will perform for up to two additional season, depending on how much product is put through it.”

Consulting the auger manual is always a good starting point. The manufacturers include all the suggested maintenance procedures and product selection information. When assisting the customer with choosing or operation new equipment, the Co-op Equip Team will review the manual and point our the most critical parts for future reference.

Another significant aspect of auger maintenance is establishing a routine check-up schedule tailored to your particular machine. Jennett advises inspecting the equipment before each use, checking for wear points, grease points and signs of leakage. Once you start the auger, listen for any odd noises, such as metal on metal, engine noise or loud banging.

Proper storage is also essential to ensuring the auger’s prolonged life span. Before storing the equipment away until the next season, make sure the fuel is conditioned, and all parts are properly cleaned. According to Jennett, covering the engine can also be beneficial, but is not always necessary.

Choosing the Right Products for Your Auger

Selecting suitable products for your auger guarantees its optimized performance and adds a couple of seasons to its lifespan.

Auger Fuel

“For gasoline engines, we run Premium fuel,” says Dwayne Thibault, Equipment Manager at Humboldt Co-op. Thibault also suggests using non-ethanol fuels and recommends running the unit at least once a month.

If the auger will not be in use for over a month, add a fuel stabilizer to the fuel in the tank and run the equipment for several minutes for hte mixture to go through the entire system. If this has not been done, and the auger engine is not functioning properly, drain the tank, add non-ethanol or premium fuel, and run the equipment for an additional five minutes to clear the system.

Auger Grease

Choice of grease, including thickener type, additives and base oil, will ensure the parts are protected and function at peak performance.

Co-op offers a full lineup of grease products that cover a variety of applications depending on you type of equipment, needs and the weather, including SONIC®️ Blue Guard, SONIC Red Guard, SONIC Silver Guard, SONIC Moly Guard and SONIC Poly Extreme.

To learn more about how to extend the life of your augers, call or email us.

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