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BINLogic - Grain Bin Monitoring


Introducing AGZONE™️ BINLOGIC™️, a remote solution for monitoring temperature and moisture levels inside grain bins. The technology, now available at local Co-ops, synchronizes with a mobile or web-based application, allowing growers to access consistent data on grain quality.

CO-OP®️ AgZone encompasses a digital solutions suite that continues to grow and support Western Canadian producers at key touchpoints of their operations: in the field, in the yard and in the books.

AgZone BINLogic overview

AgZone BinLogic is a new, high-value, low-cost alternative to other grain monitoring solutions currently available one the market. With easy installation, real-time data accessibility and seamless compatibility, BINLogic ensures you are always in control, making informed decisions to safeguard your yields and operations.

The unique design allows complete data accessibility with just one device per bin and straightforward, independent installation without the need for external support. Both software and monitoring units are designed to be operable for users regardless of their technical knowledge.

“BINLogic is easy to set up on a farm, and the subscription fee is minimal. It solves the problem of forgetting to check the bins. You can check them from your phone anywhere. Much easier setup than the competitor’s products, and maintenance is minimal. There are also no batteries needed to be changed yearly like some other products,” said Mike Jennett, Ag Equipment Team Advisor at Federated Co-operatives Limited.

Benefits of BINLogic

Co-op is always looking for new ways to support our customers by introducing new products and services, adding value to their operations. BINLogic is an innovation in grain bin monitoring solutions that offers several immediate benefits.

1. Simplified monitoring

AgZone BINLogic simplifies grain monitoring with its ‘One Device-One Bin’ approach. users won’t have to deal with intricate configurations or juggle multiple devices. Just install the wireless device on the exterior of your bin, connect it to the bin cables, and it’s all set.

2. Unmatched self-power

The wireless unit is fully self-powers through solar energy and has two backup batteries. The combination of self-sufficient charging and emergency power supplies allows wireless BINLogic devices to perform at full capacity, even in remote locations, without additional power sources.

3. Managing risks with precision

Monitoring grain quality via BINLogic severely minimizes the risks associated with commodity acquisition. Growers can mitigate issues of spoiled or low-quality grain by takin action on BINLogic’s temperature and moisture level alerts, like turning the grain or switching the fans on.

4. Economical

Customers can choose between three BINLogic configuration models: handheld, wireless or a combination of both. This ensures adaptability to every grower’s budget and needs, allowing for cost control and a gradual transition into digitization.

Unlike other currently available grain monitoring devices, acquiring AgZone BINLogic does not require an up-front equipment payment. The wireless solution’s functionality is available through an affordable annual subscription.

5. Scalable

An unlimited number of physical devices can connect to a single BINLogic account, and the same software solutions can operate on multiple handheld and wireless monitors. This way, the bin data is consistent and unified in a centralized digital environment, allowing fast and straightforward analysis.

BINLogic in action

Jeff Van Ryssel, President at Van Ryssel Farms in Oakbank, Man., has been using BINLogic daily since mid-August 2023 after it was installed in wheat and oat bins. According to Van Ryssel, it is greatly beneficial to access the moisture and temperature data from his phone at any point.

He also pointed out the usefulness of alerts that can be configured through the app. “Once in the summer, I got a high-temperature alert on one of the bins,” he explained. “We had the fans off because it had been raining for almost a week, and the temperature inside a wheat bin exceeded 30 degrees. I walked over to the bin to turn on the fans, and the grain cooled down within the next couple of hours. BINLogic is very handy and an excellent investment.”

Get started with AgZone BINLogic

BINLogic offers grain monitoring data through a user-friendly and easy-to-understand mobile or web-based app, so growers can make quick, informed decisions for their operations. The essential grain condition data points, temperature, and moisture levels, gathered wirelessly, provide all the necessary information for critical judgments.

To use the BINLogic wireless device, simply install the monitor outside your bin, plug it into your bin cables, and connect to your smartphone to receive on-the-go, real-time data on your grain. The handheld device is a more traditional starter-friendly option that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, granting access to all the related data.

“BINLogic is a great tool. It is cost-effective grain monitoring that provides insurance for your grain commodities. The options that are being developed will assist in making the farms much more digital. And with the BINLogic wireless device being on a rental-subscription basis, you never have to worry about a warranty on the product,” said Jennett.

To find out how BINLogic can work for your farm, contact us.

Source: CO-OP 2023 Spring Agro Advisor, page 4.


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